Kayak Trips

Rental Areas and Adventures

The standard rental time for our kayaks and stand-up paddleboards is 2.5 hours. This allows for pre-launch procedure such as going over our waiver and any instruction that may be necessary. Most renters are in the water quickly and have more than 2 hours in the water. We have found that this is a good amount of time to paddle around the Snook and Bingham Islands with extra time for bird watching, exploring, photo opportunities and a mid-paddle break.

For those that are looking for more of an experience, we also offer rental times of up to 4 or 8 hours that allow you to cover more area. It should be noted that the area that can be covered can vary depending on weather and marine conditions, participant fitness, skill level and other tidal factors.

Our 2.5 hour Trip options are the most popular rentals at Kayak Lake Worth. This gives you enough time to paddle the Snook or Bingham Islands without having to rush and giving you enough time to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Most ages and all skill levels will enjoy these 2.5 hour rentals.

Kayak Lake Worth 4 Hour Adventures allow for more time to discover more remote portions of the Lake Worth Lagoon or Lake Osborne. Our 4 hour options include round-trip and one way adventures too, shuttle service is even available. This is a popular rental period for our Fishing Kayaks.

The 8 Hour Excursions may be best saved for intermediate to advanced kayakers. Another popular option for Fishing Kayak rentals, a full day on the Lagoon give you the most through and in-depth look at the largest estuary in Palm Beach County.