Guided Eco-Tours

Guided Ecological Tours

Just show up and paddle, let us take care of the rest! All Guided Tours are private. This means that a Kayak Lake Worth Guide(s) and your group are the only participants on the tour. Tours are scheduled when you want, dependent upon availability and tidal conditions.

Kayak Lake Worth’s guided ecological tours are an all inclusive experience that provide everything you need to get an up close and personal view of the Lake Worth Lagoon Estuary. Tours are available at the Snook Islands or the Bingham Islands and are planned around tidal conditions to make sure you get the most out of your tour.

Once you arrive, our experienced guide will go over basic paddling techniques and boat safety tips designed to get you and your group off and paddling safely and effectively.

Once your tour is underway,  your guide will provide a historical overview of the lagoon and surrounding area while providing ecological information about past and present inhabitants. Each tour lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours and has a paddling distance of approximately 3 miles. Variations in weather and tidal conditions account for the range in trip time.

All Kayak Lake Worth Eco Tours include:

> Experienced tour guide to lead the excursion and provide historical and ecological information.
>Kayak with all gear and equipment.
>Water and light snack at a predetermined rest stop.
>Photography services and an online photo album.

A guided eco-tour is a great introduction to the world of kayaking while learning all about the area and its inhabitants. Few other methods allow for such a close, personal experience with the intercoastal Mangrove Islands and native and migratory wildlife as a kayak.

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Kayak Lake Worth Tour  Snook Islands Eco Tour

Kayak Lake Worth Eco-Tour  Private Tours by Kayak Lake Worth

Kayak Lake Worth Eco-Tour   Kayak Lake Worth Private Eco-Tour

Ecological tours with Kayak Lake Worth   A Kayak Lake Worth tour guide leads a group through the Snook Islands.