8 Hour Excursions

8 Hour Excursions

The Lake Worth to Southern Blvd. Loop

Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level
9-9.5 miles, includes the Snook Islands, Bingham Islands with stops at Ibis Isle, John’s and Hunter’s Islands.

The Loop is best left to experienced kayakers and includes stops at all of the islands that lie between the Lake Worth Bridge and the Southern Blvd. causeway. The launch and pick-up site will either be at the Snook Islands or the Bingham Islands and varies depending upon tidal conditions as some of the island groups are not accessible during low tides. Kayak Lake Worth works with you to determine the best day, time and launch location for your trip.

Although we allot eight hours for this trip, some kayakers may complete the loop much faster. Wind speed and direction, tidal conditions, physical fitness and paddle style are some of the key factors that play into actual trip time. We are also sure to include enough time for wildlife observation, island exploration and breaks.

Kayakers embarking on this day trip should be well equipped and prepared for a day on the water. Preparations should also be made for sudden changes in weather. A cell phone is highly recommended so you can communicate with Kayak LakeWorth in case of emergency.